Through painting I discover and unveil consistency, coherence, and contradiction in a world that often feels chaotic. I paint everyday objects or scenes that move me in some way - to laughter or awe, exploration or contemplation, awareness or joy. My paintings are precise, but my subjects reflect real-life moments, celebrating life’s messy imperfection by recreating it as realistically and perfectly as possible.

My paintings are living, breathing snapshots of the places where we live, the things that we do, the objects and scenes around us that define us and our humanity in all of its simplicity and complexity.  

I rarely put people in my paintings, but their stories are always present. I like to think of my paintings as a brief moment in time captured right after someone has walked away, as if we are holding our breath and waiting for them to return. 

Realism, with its compelling, honest use of light, color, and detail, is the most effective way for me to capture a powerful moment of observation, expectation, and harmony.